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Our Backlink Maker is a 100% FREE tool which will generate top quality backlinks for your website with just one click of a button!

As anyone in SEO will tell you, backlinks are at the very heart of SEO. Without backlinks, your website will not get to a top ranking position in the search results, and will not get indexed as quickly as it should.

Use our FREE Baclkink Maker to create lots of free backlinks automatically

How does our Backlink Maker Work?

Our Baclink Maker will submit your website to the most popular websites which will automatically offer FREE backlinks to your website.
When you place the URL you want backlinks for into the text box and submit, your website will be submitted to many different websites which will automatically get backlinks for your website.

Our Backlink Maker will show whether or not the URL has successfully had a backlink made for your website.